How We Work

What We Do And How We Do It

SME Mastermind helps Small Business Owners to leverage the knowledge and experience of fellow entrepreneurs in leading and managing their businesses. SME Mastermind members benefit from the observations and thinking of business owners from different industries by participating in carefully structured and facilitated monthly meetings. They do this with the unique support and perspective of an experienced business coach during the monthly one-on-one coaching sessions.
How do SME Mastermind members leverage feedback of the mastermind group? Each month, SME Mastermind members bring their most challenging issues to the mastermind group. After ensuring that the proposed challenge is a clear and present problem, fellow business owners in the group offer potential solutions and determine a course of action which the member commits to following through on it. By this process of learning in an open, non-judgmental environment, members of the group develop powerful solutions to the issues that they are facing. More important, members also learn from the issues that their peers bring to the group and are thus able to anticipate and avoid possible challenges in their own businesses, thereby saving them time and money.
A key objective in achieving members’ objectives is the process of being held accountable. Accordingly, every member participates in accountability checks each month, by sharing their progress in implementing the actions or activities they committed to in the previous month. The group then provides feedback on the progress made or lack thereof.
The structure of the SME Mastermind enables members to process their most pressing challenges during the monthly meetings with their peers. It helps members to leverage the insights that they gain during monthly One to One coaching sessions and benefit from being held accountable for following through on their commitments.