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5 Tips To Successfully Pivot Your Small Business

Pivoting is always a difficult last option for businesses that have to go through it.

To pivot means to head in a new direction different from your core business.

It can be a strategic way for business to realign with …

Why Your Small Business Needs An Exit Strategy

I know first-hand that having an exit strategy is not popular among small businesses in Nigeria.

A good number of small business owners don’t know what it is or why they need it.

Especially as they don’t have any plans …

4 Types of Tax Small Businesses Pay In Nigeria

Every small business operating in Nigeria is obligated to pay taxes.

Now, this obligation is often difficult for some small business owners to pay. Which is why they try to avoid it.

But the truth is that no small business …

small business contracts, types and importance

5 Types Of Contracts And Their Importance To Small Businesses

A simple handshake used to be all it took for two individuals or businesses to enter into a legally binding agreement – not anymore!

Today, many small businesses in Nigeria and around the world have opted to protect themselves from …

How To Build Small Business That Outlives You

Only 20% of small businesses outlive their founders.

What a shame!

This is especially sad when you consider the effort and resources it takes to build a business, only to see it all crumble when the owner becomes absent.

The …

Selling Online In Nigeria

Winning Strategies For Selling Online In Nigeria

If you have never sold anything online, you may not believe this.

But it is true.

Many small businesses are selling online in Nigeria.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven more customers to purchase items they normally buy from physical stores …

How To Market Your Small Business On LinkedIn (And Get Results)


You don’t have to be a professional marketer, to successfully market your small business on LinkedIn or any other social media platforms.

But, it’s surprising that many small business owners in Nigeria are not taking advantage of this opportunity.…

unlocking innovation for small business growth

Unlocking Small Business Growth Through Innovation

The street corner business, you have come to love and patronize is not growing because the owner does not think about innovation.

He is more concerned about handling the day-to-day operations of the business and getting enough to make ends …

smart ways to do marketing on a tight budget

Smart Ways To Market Your Small Business On A Tight Budget

The ability to put your products or services in front of the right customers is a recipe for success.

And this is no secret, everyone knows it

But the problem is that some popular marketing techniques require money, money that …

increase small business profit margin

4 Strategies To Increase Profit Margin Without Increasing Price

If two shoe retailers sell the same number of shoes at the same price, what would make one of them earn more profit than the other?

Simple – Their profit margin.

Increasing the profit margin of a business is the …