small business growth

Using your website to grow your business

Optimizing Your Website To Grow Your Small Business

A lot of small businesses are building websites today!

And this is a good thing, but for many of them – building a website site is just for the sake of it.

To attach a modern feel to their small …

Stay top of your customer's mind

How To Stay on Top Of Your Customer’s Mind

Before you can gain market shares, you have to gain a share of your customer’s mind.

Your customers need to think of you when they talk about your industry, they have to remember your business as one of the top …

types of business relationship

5 Types of Business Relationships You Need To Grow

Many times, you’d hear business owners lament about how they didn’t get a contract or make a sale, even when they were the most qualified.

They get angry at other business owners who take out the time to build relationships …

failure to grrow

How Business Owners Can Hinder The Growth Of Their Business

There are at least a dozen reasons that may hinder the growth of any small business.

It could be the lack of capital; a poor economy or a competitive market, or it could just be – You.

Yes, you the …

team building. People climbing a mountain

7 Tips for Building Growth Focused Small Business Teams

It takes a team to win a game.

When you watch a football match, regardless of the genius of the players, it takes the team effort to win a game.

As it is true for football, so it is for …

Man holding Naira. How to get your customers to spend more

6 Simple Ways To Get Your Customers To Spend More No Matter Where You Sell

Size matters. The size of what a customer spends matters to every business owner. The more a customer spends, the more revenue the business can generate and the more profitable it can get.

Because of how important it is for …

SME Mastermind - Sales strategy

Here is What your Business has been Missing – A Sales Strategy

A business without a sales strategy is like a zombie, it is not dead because it still has a few sales trickling in, but it is not living either. When you just started out you can tolerate this freelance approach …

raising money for SME growth

Preparing your Small Business for Growth: Getting Capital

For a business to grow or expand or increase its capacity – it needs money.

it is unavoidable but the problem is that money is sometimes difficult to find.

Many familiar factors make it so; the demand for finance is …