unlocking innovation for small business growth

Unlocking Small Business Growth Through Innovation

The street corner business, you have come to love and patronize is not growing because the owner does not think about innovation.

He is more concerned about handling the day-to-day operations of the business and getting enough to make ends …

Sustaining small business growth

5 Ways To Sustain The Growth Of Your Small Business

After all your hard work, your business is finally growing.


But you know that if you’re not deliberate, this growth may not last for long.

You see, small businesses as everything else in life goes through a period of …

Escape single customer dependence

How To Escape Over Reliance On A Single Customer

Small business owners often fantasize about having a single big customer that buys a large volume of their products and causes less stress than many smaller customers would have.

But there are so many reasons why this fantasy might just …

small business automation

3 Things You Must Do Before Automating Your Small Business

There is so much talk of business automation these days that many small business owners may be tempted to just automate their processes – don’t.

You probably read articles like our step-by-step guide on business automation or heard a few …

SME Coach - 3 black women talking

What is An SME Coach? 5 Reasons You Need One

As Patrick Mouratoglou is to Serena Williams, and Jürgen Klopp is to Liverpool so is an SME coach to a small business owner.

Whether they’re coaching a football team or an athlete or an entrepreneur the job of the coach

raising money for SME growth

Preparing your Small Business for Growth: Getting Capital

For a business to grow or expand or increase its capacity – it needs money.

it is unavoidable but the problem is that money is sometimes difficult to find.

Many familiar factors make it so; the demand for finance is …