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Why Your Small Business Needs An Exit Strategy

I know first-hand that having an exit strategy is not popular among small businesses in Nigeria.

A good number of small business owners don’t know what it is or why they need it.

Especially as they don’t have any plans …

Business Mastermind

How To Get The Most Out Of A Business Mastermind Group

As an entrepreneur or business owner, when you invest your resources into something you want to get the most out of it.

As it is true for your business, so it is for a mastermind group.

You don’t

small business automation

3 Things You Must Do Before Automating Your Small Business

There is so much talk of business automation these days that many small business owners may be tempted to just automate their processes – don’t.

You probably read articles like our step-by-step guide on business automation or heard a few …

failure to grrow

How Business Owners Can Hinder The Growth Of Their Business

There are at least a dozen reasons that may hinder the growth of any small business.

It could be the lack of capital; a poor economy or a competitive market, or it could just be – You.

Yes, you the …

SME Coach - 3 black women talking

What is An SME Coach? 5 Reasons You Need One

As Patrick Mouratoglou is to Serena Williams, and Jürgen Klopp is to Liverpool so is an SME coach to a small business owner.

Whether they’re coaching a football team or an athlete or an entrepreneur the job of the coach

ways to use financial statements to make decisions. Man typing a laptop

5 Practical Ways To Use Financial Statements To Make Smarter Decisions

How do you decide when you raise capital? Or when to expand your business to a new location?
For many businesses, these decisions are often made based on gut intuition & competitors rather than on data from the business.
5 questions business owners must answer before seeking investment

5 Questions Every Business Owner Must Answer Before Seeking Investment

There are so many questions that run through the mind of a business owner daily.

And when they start thinking about raising money to grow the business, more questions are bound to arise.

A typical business owner has more questions