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KPIs for Small business

How to Set KPIs For Your Small Business

Your business cannot grow if it doesn’t measure the things that are most important to it.

No matter the niche or size of the business, there are only a few things that matter.

But every day the business owner is …

how to grow your business faster

4 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Small Business In 2021

Do you ever feel that your business is not growing fast enough?

Yes, you have done everything you can to grow your business, and you have started to see some growth, but it’s just not growing fast enough.

Well, there …

building business relationships

6 Ways To Build Relationships To Grow Your Small Business

The growth of any business is a combination of various factors.
You can guess the popular ones, but one other factor that plays such a critical role in the growth and success of the business is the relationships.
Company employee meeting - Aligning Employees with Business objectives

5 Practical Steps to Align Employees to Your Business Goals

It would be such a shame to go through the tedious process of getting the right people to work in your business and still not get value for your investment.

Yet, many small businesses are suffering from this exact situation …

Black woman operating a computer - Business systems

What Are Business Systems? 5 Reasons Your Business Growth Depends on Them

When we recommend that business owners create systems, they see it as one of those activities to do for the sake of it. They don’t see the importance because they’re used to working in their businesses.
But it is
Black man with a cup of coffee relaxing

4 Automation Opportunities Small Business Owners Can Leverage Immediately

It is easy to see why any business would want to automate at least some of their daily business tasks. As we’ve highlighted here, there are tremendous benefits you can gain when you automate your small business.

The first

Attracting the right people to grow your business

Growing a Small Business: Hiring the Right People

Getting new employees can be as simple as standing in front of your business and yelling “who wants a job’ then placing the first people that show interest in the vacant roles.

But if you want to get the right …

African American man learning

4 Skills Every Business Owner Needs to Grow their Business

Every business owner you meet today is trying new techniques, new strategies to grow their business. But as your business grows it begins to require more of you; more time, more resources and, more skills.

And unless you grow with …