Financial Insights

Are you able to understand what the numbers are saying when your accounting team delivers the financial information of your business? Do you need to remove your financial blind spots, so that you can understand the stories buried inside your financial statements? Your accounting must not make you suck!

Financial Insights works with you to create simplicity and clarity around your books. It makes accounting and finance practices easily accessible and totally intuitive for you, and helps you make decisions based on credible data, not on hunches.

Financial Insights, the one-stop plan for simplifying your accounts, supports your business with one promise: To turn your numbers from a source of pain to a leverage of power.

The SME Mastermind Better Books for Better Business Programme offers a Monthly Financial Package which includes:

  • Charts on current financial position of the business, with overview of the prime levers.
  • Top Insights on key issues facing the business, and the levers that require urgent focus.
  • Health Reports for the Accountants and Bankers.


(Or two monthly payments of N175,000.00)

Business Mastermind

The SME Mastermind Group is a group of motivated entrepreneurs and business owners who meet regularly to discuss ideas, challenges, issues and opportunities. The groups work together to help each other succeed by sharing and channelling their experiences, knowledge, and counsel towards enabling members to achieve their goals of building the businesses of their dreams. They inspire, support and push themselves to become the business owners they want to be. These groups of like-minded business owners meets regularly to share success stories, talk about challenges, get ideas and guidance, and propel their businesses to earnings levels they can only imagine.

The SME Mastermind Programme is driven by the age-old principle that knowledge and effort, co-ordinated between two or more people, in a spirit of harmony, for the achievement of a definite purpose, increases the energy created through that alliance, which becomes available to every member of the group.

Yes. The SME Mastermind Group virtually offers you a personal Board of Advisors for your business. It’s a privilege to belong to a small group of smart business owners who act as informal directors for your own business.

Each SME Mastermind group is an exclusive gathering of Four to Eight business owners, carefully assembled according to strict guidelines:

Pre-Screened High-Quality Members: Participants are outstanding business owners in their own rights, and are selected through an application and interview process. Each Mastermind member enjoys the distinction of:

  • Actively building a business and dealing with its attendant challenges.
  • Aspiring to take their businesses to a higher level and are striving to work smart towards making it happen.
  • Being generous in committing their talent and time in supporting and encouraging each other every step of the way.

Guiding Hand Of An Accomplished Expert: Your membership of the SME Mastermind Programme places my over 40 years of business experience at your service, to work with you on your plans and help you to implement them.

I spent 12 years running a successful publishing enterprise, and have been the founder of a business development outfit, SME Finance, in the past three years. I am also a respected digital entrepreneur. Top of all, I have a passion for helping people to build and grow their businesses!

When you join the SME Mastermind Programme, you will specially enjoy the following benefits:

  • One planning event for you to map out your objectives and key results for the year.
  • Four Quarterly Virtual Mastermind Meetings.
  • Quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Accountability Worksheets.
  • 12 monthly One-on-One coaching session with me, Ted Iwere, so that you can get personal support when you need it.
  • A monthly mastermind session with your own private group of smart business owners like you with whom you encourage and support each other.
  • A recording of each mastermind session for your replay and review whenever you need a refresher session.
  • Unlimited access to me and other members of the group to touch base and share resources.

Do you need to connect with other business owners who will help to move your business towards its goals? Do you want to spend quality time with experts who will help you super-charge the growth of your business? If your answer is yes, we have a few spots available for our 2021 programme.


(Or two monthly payments of N225,000.00)

Owners' Masterclass

You’re reasonably educated and self-motivated. You regularly put in the work to grow your business. But you oftentimes feel like your business owns you, not you owning the business, right? You think you have to be at your business every day to make it work. Correct? You believe that the core knowledge and expertise of how to manage and direct the business are locked in your head and the business will stall when you don’t show up for work.

This mindset need not be the prime mover of every entrepreneurial endeavour. In fact, the finish line for a business owner, beyond running a profitable enterprise, should be the building of a truly scalable outfit that creates value in the marketplace without his or her physical presence 24 hours a day and seven days a week!

The Owner-Independent Business Masterclass teaches business owners how to design their businesses for growth while reducing the reliance of the businesses on their owners. The key elements of building a business, not a job, include a mastery of the functional pillars of a business:

  • Expansion of revenue base through sales and marketing.
  • Systemising and automation of operations.
  • Team building driven by strategic hiring.
  • Finance.
  • Entrepreneurial and executive leadership.

The Owner-Independent Business Masterclass runs for 12-months. It lays the foundation and provides a road map for building a business that gives you flexibility, freedom and revenue, a business that guarantees real financial independence by running with or without you!