4 Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of a small business, but it is also one of the most challenging for most business owners. And as one may expect, small businesses make a lot of accounting mistakes especially when

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3 Small Business Debt Metrics To Know

Getting loans to finance your business is great, we always want to get more and more of it. But as you may already be aware, it has two effects on your business; bad and good and the effect that you

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3 Warning Signs Your Small Business May Be In Trouble

You know how your body would show symptoms when something is wrong with it, so also would your small business indicate its state through some warning signs.

Small businesses that collapse or go bankrupt do not just happen without warnings,

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4 Tips For Getting Over Cash Shortage In Your Business

Regardless of how well you run your business, the unexpected is bound to happen and that, unfortunately, means that sometimes you can run out of money or run short of money.

When you do, you should be able to get

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5 Things Female-Led Businesses Need To Attract Funding

For decades now, female-led businesses find it difficult to get funding for their business than their male counterparts.

This lack of equality in access to funding has put women-owned businesses at a disadvantage. But you can change that for your

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4 Fees To Consider When Applying For A Loan

If you think the only cost you would pay for getting a business loan is the stated interest rate think again. Open your eyes and read the fine print, there are a variety of costs and fees (some hidden) that

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3 Financial Statements You Need To Master Your Business

To help you better master your small business’s finances, there are three financial statements that every small business owner must understand; the balance sheet, Profit & Loss statement or income statement and cash flow statement.

Each of these financial statements

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Online Lenders Versus Traditional Lenders: Advantages and Disadvantages

For a very long time small businesses only had the option of visiting their local banks to access loans and other banking services but thanks to the rise of online lenders, not only do small business owners have more options

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How To Conduct A Crowdfunding Campaign

You’ve probably heard about some businesses and entrepreneurs that have raised a ton of capital from various crowdfunding platforms and you want to do that for your business too, right?

The truth is that choosing to raise much-needed funds for

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CBN Raises ABP Collateral Guarantee To 50%

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has approved an extra 50 per cent collateral increase under its Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP), through which it will share equal risks with smallholders farmers (SHFs).

This is expected to boost production and ensure …

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