Sterling Bank Boosts Businesses With Digital Credits

Sterling Bank Plc is making it easier for businesses to access more credit opportunities thanks to the launch of its digital credit solution – PayWithSpecta.

PayWithSpecta, allows customers to pay for goods in instalments, while merchants are credited instantly; helping

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When is a Business Plan Review Necessary?

Believe it or not, a business plan is not a document that you write once and forget about. It requires frequent review to maintain its effectiveness. A business plan is a living document and that means it needs to be

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How To Read And Interpret Your Balance Sheet

You have to understand that the importance of recording financial information goes beyond just knowing what you earned or spent on a monthly or yearly basis. It helps you make relevant financial decisions that affect the health of your business.

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Learn The Differences Between A Bookkeeper And An Accountant

The clear distinction between an accountant and a bookkeeper can sometimes seem difficult to highlight. This is because they both handle the financial information of the business and sometimes the accountant performs the role of the bookkeeper.

But nonetheless, that …

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What is Convertible Debt And Why Does It Matter?

Although this type of business financing is not as popular as debt or equity financing, more business owners need to be aware of it.

It is a middle ground between the two and offers an alternative for small businesses stuck

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How To Extend Your Business Cash Runway

The cash runway of a business refers to the length of time in which a company will be able to fund its operations without raising any more money. Cash runway shows you how long your business can operate at a

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How to Determine The Market Value of Your Business

Perhaps, the best place to start in determining the market value of your business is to understand why it is important.

Apart from the most popular reason for knowing the worth of a business which is selling it, many business

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4 Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of a small business, but it is also one of the most challenging for most business owners. And as one may expect, small businesses make a lot of accounting mistakes especially when

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3 Small Business Debt Metrics To Know

Getting loans to finance your business is great, we always want to get more and more of it. But as you may already be aware, it has two effects on your business; bad and good and the effect that you

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3 Warning Signs Your Small Business May Be In Trouble

You know how your body would show symptoms when something is wrong with it, so also would your small business indicate its state through some warning signs.

Small businesses that collapse or go bankrupt do not just happen without warnings,

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