Sustaining small business growth

5 Ways To Sustain The Growth Of Your Small Business

After all your hard work, your business is finally growing.


But you know that if you’re not deliberate, this growth may not last for long.

You see, small businesses as everything else in life goes through a period of …

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how to handle late payments

How To Handle Late Payments Without Losing Customers

During the past year, the number of customers who have delayed payment or avoided making any payment due to small businesses has increased.

As you can guess, their reason has been the pandemic.

But this has been a big problem …

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How to make small business stand out

How To Make Your Small Business Stand Out From The Competition

Many small businesses find it difficult to stand out in the marketplace.

Because there are just so many competitors; small and big, who are doing exactly what you’re doing.

This can be very confusing for customers.

So, no matter how …

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what do customers want

How To Know What Your Customers Need

Know what your customers want.

This is one piece of advice people give to business owners again and again.

You read about it in articles, listen to coaches talk about the importance of listening to customers and being customer-focused.

But …

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Escape single customer dependence

How To Escape Over Reliance On A Single Customer

Small business owners often fantasize about having a single big customer that buys a large volume of their products and causes less stress than many smaller customers would have.

But there are so many reasons why this fantasy might just …

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small business lead generation

How To Generate Sales Leads For Your Small Business

Sales don’t just happen!

It takes a lot of activities for the small business owner to generate sales.

One of such critical activities is lead generation.

A lead is a person or business that is interested in the products or …

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4 reasons your sales are declining

4 Reasons Sales In Your Small Business Are Declining & What To Do About It

Falling sales is a symptom of a deeper problem, and unless small business owners can trace the root of the decline in sales, it would be difficult to remedy it.

Declining sales is a nightmare.

It leaves the business owner …

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Stay top of your customer's mind

How To Stay on Top Of Your Customer’s Mind

Before you can gain market shares, you have to gain a share of your customer’s mind.

Your customers need to think of you when they talk about your industry, they have to remember your business as one of the top …

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KPIs for Small business

How to Set KPIs For Your Small Business

Your business cannot grow if it doesn’t measure the things that are most important to it.

No matter the niche or size of the business, there are only a few things that matter.

But every day the business owner is …

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the right amount to borrow

How Much Should You Get As Loan For Your Business?

Deciding on the right amount to borrow as a loan for your small business can be tricky.

Naturally, you’d want to get as much as possible, because the more, the better right? But if you do that, it could affect …

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