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4 Skills Every Business Owner Needs to Grow their Business

Every business owner you meet today is trying new techniques, new strategies to grow their business. But as your business grows it begins to require more of you; more time, more resources and, more skills.

And unless you grow with …

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raising money for SME growth

Preparing your Small Business for Growth: Getting Capital

For a business to grow or expand or increase its capacity – it needs money.

it is unavoidable but the problem is that money is sometimes difficult to find. There are many familiar factors that makes it so; the demand …

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Small Business Process Documentation

Easy Steps to Process Documentation for Small Businesses; Plus Tips and Benefits

You don’t find a lot of small businesses documenting their processes.

This is simply because they don’t find any reason to. You see, in the early stages of a small business; your employees are few, your processes are simple and …

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3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Get Serious with Referral Marketing Now!!!

Man is a social animal. He has always shared his experience through word of mouth. From the ancient world when we were gatherers, man would pick fruits and vegetables and communicate how they tasted orally to others. This prevented many …

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Tips for attracting customers - illustration

How to Get the Customers You Want – Simple Tips That Just Work

At the center of any successful business is the customer. Every product or service offered is designed with a specific customer in mind – to meet the needs of that customer.

The more customers a business gets, the more money …

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How to Generate New Revenue Streams for your Small Business

Every business owner wants to see their business grow. But you can’t grow your business without growing your revenue.

For many businesses, pursuing that growth is a constant but necessary struggle to survive. To grow your revenue, your business has …

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Apply For The Ashoka/Boehringer Ingelheim Accelerator 2021

The Making More Health (MMH) Co-creation Accelerator is a structured social enterprise support program consisting of 12 months of design and implementation to pilot a new strategy or element of a business model, culminating in a pitch for further scale-up.

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Seedstars & Shell Foundation Looking For African Innovators

The Energy, Mobility & Agriculture Innovation Programme is seeking sustainable and scalable tech-powered, early-stage startups, each of which will be provided with the resources, training and potential funding.

Focusing specifically on innovators in the mobility, transportation, energy and agriculture sectors

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Lions Den Business Pitch Reality TV Show

Ultima Studios have launched Lions’ Den in Nigeria. The show which is also known as Dragons Den in the UK, and Shank Tank in the US.

Lions’ Den is a business reality show that gives budding entrepreneurs across Nigeria the

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