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Interconnected people - why you should join a business mastermind

3 Ways Joining A Mastermind Group Can Grow Your Business

Many business owners spend hours and months running trial and error experiments to achieve a particularly challenging business goal. Maybe they want to grow their business or are struggling with various aspect of the business and they need solutions

7 Strategies To Attract & Keep Customers (Plus 3 Loyalty Apps You Can Use)

The bulk of the time of small business owners and sales teams goes to acquiring new customers. While neglecting its existing customers.
Every marketing strategy should incorporate strategies for gaining and keeping customers.
The first step to right this wrong
Black man with a cup of coffee relaxing

4 Automation Opportunities Small Business Owners Can Leverage Immediately

It is easy to see why any business would want to automate at least some of their daily business tasks. As we’ve highlighted here, there are tremendous benefits you can gain when you automate your small business.

The first

black woman operating a laptop in front of a server

4 Reasons Automation Will Boost Your Small Business

Building a business is hard work. As a small business owner, you wear many hats, perform numerous activities to offer the best value to your customers, and even with a sizable number of employees, the task still doesn’t get easier.

SME Mastermind - Sales strategy

Here is What your Business has been Missing – A Sales Strategy

A business without a sales strategy is like a zombie, it is not dead because it still has a few sales trickling in, but it is not living either. When you just started out you can tolerate this freelance approach …

small Business growth vs scale

Growth Vs Scale: Why the Difference Matters

Growth and scale have been used interchangeably for a very long time when we talk about the progression of a business. But these two words are distinct in so many ways that are relevant to small business owners like yourself.…

woman shopping

7 Simple Sales Techniques that Work for SMEs in Nigeria

Every business sells something – it is the fact that you can exchange your goods or services and get paid for them that makes you a business. But this core everyday requirement of being a business has proved hard for …

how to expand market reach

How to Expand Market Reach for your Small Business

You know it is time to expand your market reach when your sales begin to peak.

Because at that stage, increasing your marketing efforts or increasing the incentives for your salespeople would not bring you any valuable results. The market …

Attracting the right people to grow your business

Growing a Small Business: Hiring the Right People

Getting new employees can be as simple as standing in front of your business and yelling “who wants a job’ then placing the first people that show interest in the vacant roles.

But if you want to get the right …

African American man learning

4 Skills Every Business Owner Needs to Grow their Business

Every business owner you meet today is trying new techniques, new strategies to grow their business. But as your business grows it begins to require more of you; more time, more resources and, more skills.

And unless you grow with …