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How To Conduct A Crowdfunding Campaign

You’ve probably heard about some businesses and entrepreneurs that have raised a ton of capital from various crowdfunding platforms and you want to do that for your business too, right?

The truth is that choosing to raise much-needed funds for

CBN Raises ABP Collateral Guarantee To 50%

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has approved an extra 50 per cent collateral increase under its Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP), through which it will share equal risks with smallholders farmers (SHFs).

This is expected to boost production and ensure …

How To Pitch Your Business to Investors

Pitching ideas and businesses to investors has become an essential part of everyday business. It is the one skill that would most likely make your drive to raising money a little bit easier for your business.
We have highlighted some …

Five Things To Know When Raising Money For A Business

Raising money for a business can be an overwhelming process even when you have the experience, network and a viable business. For a new business owner who lacks the courage that experience provides, the network, or skills necessary to raise …

Four Tips For Finding Investors For Your Business

You can’t help but find investors when your business needs capital, but what you can do is ensure that you find the right investors for your business.

When looking for finance, business owners must look beyond the financing they are

Poultry Farmers Commend CBN Intervention Fund

Major poultry farmers who have benefited from the Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme (CACS) of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have commended the Bank’s intervention in the sector, stressing that the poultry sector in Nigeria is now enjoying a great …

SUNREF, Partners Launch $81 Million Renewable Energy Fund

The Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance (SUNREF) has launched 81 million dollars technical assistance facility for the development of green energy projects in Nigeria, an official said on Wednesday.

SUNREF is a green financing line for businesses …

How To Determine The Right Loan Amount For Your Business

How do you determine the right amount of money you should borrow for your small business?

Most businesses estimate the size of their loan solely based on what their business needs and others by the amount of money they can

Google Trains, Funds Small Business Owners

Google has announced plans to help businesses, job seekers, educational institutions and vulnerable populations as they grapple with the “new normal” and begin to rebuild and recover from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis locally and across the Africa continent.…

The Three Cs Of Credit And How They Impact Your Loan

Before you place an application in front of a lender, you want to be able to understand the process of approval, how the lender makes the decision on who a loan should be given to and whose application should be …