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The SME Mastermind Programme

The SME Mastermind Programme helps business owners to accelerate the growth of their businesses, by leveraging the age-old principle that knowledge and effort, co-ordinated between two or more people, in a spirit of harmony, for the achievement of a definite purpose, increase the energy created through that alliance, which becomes available to every member of the group.

The SME Mastermind Group virtually offers the business owner a personal Board of Advisors, a small group of smart business owners who act as informal directors of the business.


Financial Insights

Are you able to understand what the numbers are saying when your accounting team delivers the financial information of your business? Do you need to remove your financial blind spots, so that you can understand the stories buried inside your financial statements? Your accounting…

Business Mastermind

The SME Mastermind Group is a group of motivated entrepreneurs and business owners who meet regularly to discuss ideas, challenges, issues and opportunities.The groups work together to help each other succeed by sharing and channelling their experiences, knowledge…

Owner’s MasterClass

You’re reasonably educated and self-motivated. You regularly put in the work to grow your business. But you oftentimes feel like your business owns you, not you owning the business, right? You think you have to be at your business every day to make it work. Correct?

The SME Group is the platform dedicated to helping Small Business Owners access finance to start and scale their businesses, and providing mentoring and capacity-building services to small businesses in Nigeria and indeed Africa. It assists Small Business Owners to bridge the gap between the itch for business, and the knowledge, skills and resources that they need to achieve their goals.


The programme helped me achieve personal and business growth. I highly recommend the SME Mastermind for scaling business.
Olivia Chika
Ted Iwere has helped me to prioritise my goals and direct my efforts towards reaching my set objectives. His service is worth the time and investment.
John Williams
SME Mastermind is providing invaluable service. It is helping me to understand how to better manage my personal and business life.
Ayo James
The SME Mastermind, in enabling the sharing of experience, knowledge and advice with like-minded business owners, enriches your expertise, expands your network, extends your influence and dramatically improves your fortune. The SME Mastermind empowers entrepreneurs to acquire the resources and know-how for building owner-independent businesses that run with or without them, and give them the freedom and income to enjoy real financial independence.

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