How to make small business stand out

Many small businesses find it difficult to stand out in the marketplace.

Because there are just so many competitors; small and big, who are doing exactly what you’re doing.

This can be very confusing for customers.

So, no matter how great your products or services are, or how much you spend trying to get your name out, your message sounds the same to your customers as a hundred others, and frankly, there is always another bigger business willing to outspend you.

And as usual, you don’t get the results you want.

But it does not have to be like that any more.

In this article, we’d shall a few ways you can implement to stand out in your industry, no matter how fierce the competition is.

Four (4) Ways To Stand Out From The Competition

1. Pick A Niche & Master it

Instead of targeting everybody and providing all the services possible, be a master of one.

Many businesses find this advice difficult to swallow, but the truth is that you cannot stand out from the competition if you keep doing the same thing they’re doing.

Instead of offering your services to everyone that needs it, choose a narrow class of customers you can offer your services or products to.

Say you are a website designer. Instead of positioning your business as a website designer who can do it all and create websites for anybody, you could say you are a real estate website designer.

By doing so, you would easily position your self as the option for real estate customers.

And establish a clear area of difference between you and other website designers.

2. Identify & Alleviate The Pains of Your Target Customers

You cannot just be different in a way that does not add any value to your customers.

Look for pain points that customers are already complaining about (that may have been ignored by your competition) and provide a solution to it.

For instance, if you run a hotel business and many customers complain about the poor service they receive when they use hotels, find a solution to that problem.

And give customers a guarantee that when they choose your hotel, they would get the best service.

And make sure that is true every time, if not, the consequences could be terrible for your brand.

3. Be Innovative

Make your brand focused on bringing new technologies, solutions and better services for your customers, even before they ask for it.

Be innovative, always be on the lookout for ways your business can solve the customers’ problems more conveniently and inexpensively.

Customer needs are always evolving.

The only way to be ahead of those changes is to be an innovative business.

4. Go The Extra Mile All The Time

You have to look at your customer’s journey when they interact with your brand and make sure that your business is going above and beyond for them all the time.

Look beyond just having excellent customer service to make sure that your customer’s whole experience from the first time they knock on your doors or send you a direct message on your social media accounts that you’re creating a completely extraordinary experience for them.

Teach your customer-facing employees to be creative enough to find ways outside the rule book to pleasantly surprise and delight your customers.

Do you know what this does? It sends a message to your customers that you are different from the rest, and you can trust customers to share their experiences with your business to other customers – whether bad or good.

So, make it stellar and save a few bucks on marketing.

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