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Building a business is hard work. As a small business owner, you wear many hats, perform numerous activities to offer the best value to your customers, and even with a sizable number of employees, the task still doesn’t get easier.

From making sales calls to customer service to other business operations, there are many things to be done to ensure that your business operates optimally. But sometimes, a bulk of these activities no matter how essential can become repetitive and boring. And gradually become a clog on the wheels of the small business’s productivity.

The best way any business can escape this trap is to automate their business operations. Business automation which was viewed as an exclusive reserve for big businesses is now widely available to small businesses no matter their size or location.

A typical business automation software like a payroll app once implemented can add tremendous value to the business. Some benefits of automating business small business processes and tasks include –

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Business automation increases productivity
  1. Increased Productivity – Utilizing software to perform a repetitive task that is not customer-facing like employee recruitment for instance would increase the productivity of the business. Traditionally, the small business owner or an employee would have to create a job description for the vacant role, place an ad, review hundreds of applications and schedule interviews to fill out the role. But by leveraging tools that automatically scan through hundreds of applications it saves the business from errors, produces good results in less time and frees the business owner to carry out other tasks.
  2. Reduce Labour Costs – The more repetitive tasks your business generates, the more work your employees have to do. As your business grows or as those mundane tasks increase, you would need more hands to help with them, thereby increasing your labour costs. With automation, instead of carrying out those activities by hand, you can use software that takes care of the repetitive processes and frees your employees to do other less mundane tasks.
  3. Reduce Human Errors – Humans are bound to make errors when doing manual, repetitive activities. That is why machinery is employed to produce various commodities because they of their accuracy. If your employees keep making errors while writing out orders or invoices, it is time for you to employ – a more reliable hand to handle that task, incorporate automation.
  4. Capacity to Scale – There are two ways to handle the need for more capacity in a growing business – you can either employ more hands to carry out various activities manually or utilize technology to meet increased demand. If you want to follow-up with a thousand of your customers via email, what would be the best way to go about it? You can, either write to each customer or use a software like Mailchimp to send them an email at once? I can bet that you would spend hours sending those emails and probably get tired before sending 200 emails if you take the first route. But the second route is less stressful and is a more productive use of your time.

In this era of technological disruption, the choice is no longer between incorporating automation in business operations or not, it is about staying competitive and scale or face extinction.

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