With the growth of digital payment transactions in Nigeria rising to 10.3 trillion in January 2020, according to the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBBS), a Technology Company, Capricorn Digital Limited, owners of Baxi, has kicked-off a campaign to deepen financial inclusion to at least 70 percent of Nigerian communities.

The Baxi platform has a nationwide agent network with high concentrations at rural communities and areas that are not sufficiently served to carry out financial transactions. Its mobile nature encourages vast usage, high revenue stream and creates empowerment opportunities. A platform that provides an easier way to earn for every transaction on a wide range of products with real-time access to the value of an investment.

According to Degbola Abudu, the CEO, Capricorn Digital, “the campaign will boost the economic empowerment in Nigerian communities in times like these where the job climate is on the low due to the coronavirus crises around the globe”.

He noted that it will engineer growth in digital payment activities.

According to him “Baxi 2.0 is geared towards empowering the Nigerian masses and is also in alignment with the company’s vision which is to have a retail presence in every street and a digital presence in every household in Nigeria”.

“Baxi 2.0, which is an upgrade to Baxi, stems from the idea to build a more rewarding payment platform that not only enables efficient and easy payment of bills and services but also integrates more people into the digital payment space by introducing features and benefits that are valuable and drives individuals and small businesses who seek to be financially included, dependent and entrepreneurial to be empowered to do so.

“The app is compatible with the android and iPhone operating systems (iOS), including the Baxi POS, which is an android operating system enabled device. It is available for downloads on google and apple play store,” it added.

“The product targets at least 70 percent of the country’s population, focusing on financially including the unbanked individuals, young and old, who seek to make payments for everyday basic needs such as airtime vending, electricity bills, TV bills, and Agency banking in a seamless and stress-free fashion,” he explained.

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