As a business owner getting as much knowledge about the finance of your business and how it works is critical to the success of your business. But where can you get that knowledge from especially when numbers don’t interest you or you are just a novice in accounting and finance? Most business owners choose to read articles on the internet or financial columns in newspapers but that can’t really give you the financial background you need right? Outside of consulting with your accountants or financial experts the next best alternative is finance books. These books give you direct access to the knowledge of world renowned experts at an inexpensive price.

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But sometimes, these books are so many and your time so tight that you can’t possibly read all of them right? We have highlighted some of the absolute best available for you. These tops are the top of the top in business finance especially for small business owners like you.

Here is a list of the top 5 books on finance you can read for your small business:

1. Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less by Mike Piper: If you’re an accounting novice but want a simple and clear way to learn accounting concepts quick then, Accounting made Easy by Mike Piper is just the book for you. It features easy explanations for accounting basics, reading financial statements, inventory, and depreciation among others.

2. How Finance Works: The HBR Guide to Thinking Smart About The Numbers by Mihir Desai: It easy to be intimidated by the numbers, they get all confusing even when you try to but those numbers and your understanding of them is critical to the growth of your business. Professor Mihir Desai understands how it difficult it can seem for novice trying to understand finance, that is why he features interactive and entertaining case studies, colorful visuals and conversational style speak to tackle the topic of finance for you. In this book you will learn how value is created and measured, the different ways in which companies fund their operations and why cash flow is important among many other topics.

3. The Customer funded Business: Start, Finance, or Grow your Company with your Customer’s Cash by John Mullins: You know how it seems like no business can grow and succeed today without raising any venture capital? While In this book John Mullins shows business owners that it is indeed to possible to build a fast growing and success company without any need for venture financing. He offers an alternative source of financing that business owners like Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Patricia Ziegler used in growing their businesses – Customers. In Customer Funded business, John reveals 5 new models and how to can apply them to your business to grow.

4. Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur by Steven Rogers – If you always have that feeling of being out of touch with your business’s finances, Entrepreneurial finance offers you a guide to staying on top of your finances when you launch, or run your business. it explains the timeless rules of finance with real world examples. You will learn everything you need to know about preparing business plans, developing and analyzing financial statements, how you can maintain a positive cash flow.

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