Are you one of those who jump from one thing to another, without staying long enough with one thing to give it a chance to work? Do you often find yourself searching for the proverbial pot of gold, looking for where to make the most money in the shortest possible time? Are you the kind of visionary that doesn’t know how to work out the pieces of a successful undertaking?


If you are, it’s time to learn the art of sticking to one thing, and putting in the time and effort that are critical to making it work. It’s time to understand that focus and persistence are two of the most underrated skills that you need for the success of your business idea. You need to constantly remind yourself of the need to keep your eyes on the prize, failing which you can easily get distracted.


You must resist the temptation to act like a butterfly or a child in a toy shop. Avoid hopping between business ideas, moving between multiple projects that continually turn your attention from your main course. You must resist the urge of striving to be good at doing many things without mastering any one of them. You must train yourself to fix your energy and resources on one thing and finish it before you move on to something else.


If you continually run from one endeavour to the other, looking for the fabled overnight success, you will have great difficulty in succeeding at any one of them. It takes time to achieve success. You have to go through the low points. You have to experience rejections and failures. Moving from one thing to the next, trying to fast-track your dreams with short-term, get-rich-quick thinking, will hardly get you there. The constant change of the objects that you pursue, without logical explanations, can run you off the field altogether. This kind of wandering, without a fixed plan or purpose, almost always meets with the disappointment and frustration that it richly deserves.


Rest assured. Any goal that you pursue is likely to come with its own twists and turns. Your approach to setbacks should not be to abandon your present work and switch to another line of work unless you have put in the best effort to succeed and there is a clear need to try another line of work. You must appreciate putting in the hard work that will make you succeed at what you are doing. You must also think long term. These are essential ingredients in the formula for success. Always switching to the next thing is not the answer to the challenges that you face. That will only make you a drifter who never sticks to anything in life.


There is much to be said for sticking with one thing and putting in the work for it to succeed. Granted that failing fast has its place in the pursuit of a business idea, this is not the same as trying half-heartedly, declaring failure, and quickly latching onto another shiny idea, in the hope for immediate results. That could be wishful thinking.


There is a world of difference between prematurely moving to a new idea, which is often a result of impatience and hanging on to your vision by adequately exploring all options towards a successful outcome. There is danger in quickly abandoning one thing as a failure when it’s really a lack of effort or absence of patience. Jumping to a new idea may just be a response to the lure of a perceived easy win.


You must build a system that helps you stick to an idea that holds you accountable to your objective and goal. Do not succumb to a siren influence. Beware the Fata Morgana. The grass is not always greener there!