The British Council wishes to help you realise your dreams by financing your ideas at it’s 2019 #IdeasChangeLives challenge.

The British Council is searching for individuals with a new, entrepreneurship spirit and a major thought that can possibly have a beneficial outcome for communities across the globe.

The British Council is the UK’s global association for social relations and international opportunities. A year ago, it contacted 758 million individuals through its work over the globe.

#IdeasChangeLives is a worldwide challenge to discover digital solutions to solve the world’s most prominent issues.

As stated by The British Council, #IdeasChangeLives We truly believe anybody could have an idea that has the capacity to change lives. Regardless of what their identity is or where they come from.

If you have an idea that has the capacity to impact communities across the world? Then this challenge is for you.

Apply for the #IdeasChangeLives challenge. You stand a chance to win a prize of £20,000 and the opportunity to work with the British Council’s Digital, Partnerships and Innovation group on a project to enable us to accomplish one of six of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The best pitch will get £20,000 to fund their idea, also mentorship and backing from the British Council for an entire year.

Interesting points to consider:

  • The need your your address
  • How individuals will profit
  • Why it is compelling
  • The challenge
  • The tools and assets expected to transform it into a product


  • Financing to get your idea in motion
  • The support to enable you to succeed
  • Mentorship for an entire year


Anybody, as an Individual or an Organization.

How to Apply:

All interested Entrepreneurs from across the country are welcome to start their application procedure for The British Council’s #IdeasChangeLives 2019 by means of the online enlistment entry.

Application Deadline:

Friday, 10 January 2020.