The World Bank will support Edo State government in ensuring that small and medium scale businesses benefit from the private sector development in the state.

This was disclosed by Ms. Edda Ivan-Smith. She led the bank’s delegation during a facility tour at the Edo State Geographic Information Service (EdoGIS) agency office and the site of the Benin Industrial and Enterprise Park.

According to Ms. Ivan-Smith, the team was in Edo to collect relevant geographic information data of the state. Also commended Governor Godwin Obaseki on the deployment of geospatial technology for land management and geo-mapping of the state.

“We have a lot of information now which we can further improve our report. We will be sharing the findings later on this year,” Ms. Ivan-Smith said.

“The World Bank is very keen to support the state government. That is, to ensure local communities, small and medium businesses, including farmers are able to benefit from private sector development in terms of shared benefits. And perhaps in preferential treatment in terms of employment opportunities,” Ms. Ivan-Smith said.

Ms. Ivan-Smith added that the World Bank is already working with Edo State on an economic transformation project, which will soon come on stream.