Jenniez School of African Interior Design (JSAID), an approved interior decoration educator in Africa, will empower interior designers, skilled workers, creative manufacturers and small to medium enterprises in the fashion design industry through its blueprint conference.
The conference is an annual event, which is set to take place on the 10th of November 2018 in Lagos state.
According to the organizers, the Blueprint Conference is designed to empower creative businesses with smart business skills to run successful businesses in the design industry and enable them to grow dynamically and be more commercialised.
Jennifer Chukwujekwe, founder, JSAID said, “It is a unique conference involving expert design professionals and business experts who come together to empower interior designers, skilled workers, creatives, manufacturers and small to medium enterprises in the design industry, to become successful in the business of design through practical tools, guidance and motivation, which help in taking their businesses to the next level.”
The design industry is one of the fastest growing communities in the creative sector. Although emerging talents have learned and developed creative skills, many have limited knowledge and experience on how to run a business. The Blueprint Conference is an opportunity to empower them with the necessary business skills, organisers say.
“This premier annual conference is the only programme that brings design industry partners together once in a year to share business ideas and design issues. It will also help in developing healthy and positive associations amongst industry partners. At the Blueprint Conference, we expect lots of industry partners from all over the country,” Chukwujekwe also added.
Titi Ogufere, president of Interior Design Association of Nigeria (IDAN); Steve Harris, a sort after business strategist; and Keia McSwain, president of the Black Interior Designers Network (BIDN) will be keynote speakers at the event.
Chukwujekwe stated that her reason for the event was that she realised that most design professionals had the design skills but do not know how to run a successful interior design business. She recently launched an online course ‘The Pro Designers Blueprint’, which teaches interior designers what they were never taught in design school.
Also, there will be panel talks ranging from guaranteed business strategies to effect immediate changes in businesses.
Source: Business Day