A delivery service company which ships and delivers goods from different parts of the world to your doorstep stated its intentions of entering the U.S. organic food markets with its new (Shop to my door) export service program.
This service involves the company shipping samples of products by small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria to America free of charge with the aim of giving those products access to the American market.
The Managing Director of Shop to my door, Nduka Udeh said the service was launched to boost the export of fashion, minerals, cosmetics, arts and crafts, and agricultural products from Nigeria.
“We are offering to ship products from small and medium companies free to the American market. He further stated that the retail market for food in the U.S. is valued at about $800 billion, how much of that market share goes to Nigeria considering the fact that Nigeria makes 100 percent organic products. He went on to urge small business owners to take advantage of the service to increase the export of organic foods from Nigeria.
If Nigeria was able to get only $100 million of the market share, it will be a great boost to the economy and have a direct effect on so many lives.
The company disclosed that it will be working with all export regulatory agencies in the country to simplify the export process. The service will start with the exportation of dry food before moving on to fresh produce as the company acquires the facilities to handle the shipping.